Our Employees

    Nongfu Spring has always become the benchmark enterprise in the industry with excellent quality and bold pioneering attempts. The persistence of each employee has contributed to the quality of Nongfu Spring for decades.

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    Our Products
    We create natural and healthy products that adhere to the high industry standards in China and overseas.
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    • Plant Protein Products
    • Agricultural Products
    • Sparkling Flavored Drink
    Exploration of Agricultural Modernization
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    Nongfu Spring has been cooperating with orchard owners and farmers producing apples, carrots, navel oranges and other raw materials. Bases have been established in Yili, Xinjiang and Ganzhou, Jiangxi, where we have been at the forefront of technical innovation, quality control and agricultural modernization.
    Water Health Knowledge

    Most of the content in the human body is water. The World Health Organization "Nutrients in Water" states that the human body must ingest certain amounts of minerals and trace elements from drinking water. The mineral elements in the water can partially supplement the dietary mineral elements of the population, especially calcium and magnesium, and may have some protection for human health in cardiovascular diseases.

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